The Unknown Celebrity

by Zuby

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Intro 00:24
(Yo yo Zuby yo Zuby yo, u know last time we set it off with The Movement yo but u gotta show these cats what The Game Plan yo u gotta get em son got get em go get em) I got em, yo! This the latest installation of the Zuby proclamation but my flow’s intoxicating so don’t listen and drive/ u people feeling the vibe?/ Know that class is now in session go and get your pens and paper and pay very close attention (uh)/ cuz every revolution’s gotta start with a message I’m bout to lead the evolution with the track that I’m blessing/ better check your clocks and watches wait I’m jumping a line/ u better set your clocks and watches I’m ahead of my time/ they say I’ve got a lot of flare so I’m about to shine bright work like owl through the night til even Cowell thinks I’m tight (right)/ but not a pop idol Zuby’s closer to the Bible (why?)/ the kid is full of verses plenty chapters and a title (ha ha)/ to those who know it’s him I’m like I’m already a star/ cuz I treat rapping like the gym I only deal with heavy bars (chyeeea!)/ and push without a spotter yearning since the last set and never tire my desire’s burning like the last rep. CHORUS Never leave without a trace man (Bad Man, Bad Man) Cuz if I’m in it it’s a race man (Bad Man, Bad Man) And they can’t keep up with the pace man (Bad Man, Bad Man) I gotta put em in they place man (Bad Man) One of the realest since I came man (Bad Man, Bad Man) One of the illest in the game man (Bad Man, Bad Man) So now they wanna know the game plan (Bad Man, Bad Man) I gotta let em know the name man (Bad Man) Chyeeea! (Yeah man that was tight that was tight u know but u know, I still hear these people talking like u ain’t nice and stuff yo u gotta talk to em man. U gotta address the non-believers u know, u gotta show em how u built son yo go get em) Yo, I’m maxing out until I’m sick enough to hurl in a trench/ I see u little people hating cuz I curl what u bench (aww)/ but all the talking is irrelevant don’t stress that I’m the best cuz u can clearly see the evidence like Monica’s dress (ha ha)/ Not generic with the stuff, I’ve just gotta keep it real to me there’s people that I’ve never touched but still they say they’re feeling me (for real)/ so u might think I’m arrogant reality I’m humble (uh huh) I know the talent’s heaven sent but people gonna mumble (uh huh)/ some rappers like to yap about who’s gats are bigger (ha ha)/ always rapping on the tracks bout how they flash the trigger/ when it’s really going down they’re making tracks and quicker/ they look tough but never do nothing like action figures/ I’m just gonna keep it sweet see I ain’t gotta keep it street I’m taking candy from u babies cuz it’s bad for your teeth/ I grind to hitched with papes til the lights go off/ I’m trying to get rich like Gates u just Microsoft (chyeeea!) CHORUS (Ok that does it I’m getting really sick and tired of this Zuby character u know everywhere I look I see ‘are you down with Zuby? are you down with Zuby?’ no I’m not down with Zuby! Fricking Oxford boy thinking that he’s like an OG or something, u know kid ain’t even that tight yo I mean he can’t even rap talking about, u ain’t stepping to me, family tree, illest degree, yeah whatever man whatever) Ok, yo! I’m ripping up the beat it’s deep what’s written on the sheets I spit the truth up in your face and keep the front behind me (yeah)/ I rattle off discerning words and barely concentrate it’s like I’m flattening the learning curve no need to emulate (uh uh)/ the kid is on the come up so the haters stay vexed and I ain’t even paid yet although I’m tight like latex (uh huh)/ it only takes a verse to comprehend that I got skill so I don’t need to see the nurse I know I’m terminally ill (chyeeea!)/ but don’t think that I’m dying the sickness I’m implying’s not related to my fate conveys I’m destined to be great/ cats are destined to be fake if u don’t really switch the game/ always rapping all the same about your chicks and your chain (all the same)/ about your bitches and your riches and the shots u give to snitches u ain’t joking that’s ironic (why?) u leaving me in stitches (ha ha)/ I’m up against the odds time to watch me make it even best believe it’s for a reason I’ve got things to be achieving, chyea!
Too Many 03:38
Chyea, chyeeea! CHORUS Too many highs and too many lows Too many lies and too many woes Too many rhymes and too many flows Too many lines and too many shows Too many guys and too many hoes Too many rise and too many rose Too many bends and too many roads Too many friends and too many foes It’s your boy Zuby and u know I stay moving lyrics stay cruising verbal abusing vocal illusions Copperfield tricks leave focal contusions proper real hits (what)/ u know I’m not losing know I’m improving gotta stay up so u know I’m not snoozing mind made up so u know I’m not choosing grind game up so the units keep moving (what) brain in the game/ just like Sudoku running through lames like the tape that I go through came in the game with an aim for the fame and my name never changed I’ma rain on the game leave a stain on the frame (woo!)/ same with the name/ hot lines got mines staying in the lane (uh)/ changing the game like I change in the lanes no Range no ‘caine no chain no fame no (no)/ u cats ain’t got no game no (no)/ my raps ain’t got no feign/ heavy vibe clever jibe honestly I never lie (uh huh)/ don’t need no consolation (no)/ got so much innovation/ so while u contemplating Zuby built a strong a strong foundation (chyeeea!)/ I came to shock the nation (chyeeea!)/ I came to rock your station (chyeeea!)/ I came to drop quotations brighter than the constellations Zuby’s got the sickest flow (uh huh)/ Zuby’s got the sickest shows (uh huh) y’all people better frickin know that Zuby’s gonna frickin blow (chyea!) CHORUS (x2) Now the truth I’m bout to leak it Zuby’s seeping through your speakers (yup!) they speaking I’m the deepest tell your people they can peep it (uh huh)/ got problems they can keep it I can’t solve it I don’t need it but u haters best believe it when I’m speaking words are heeded (chyea!)/ like fresh air in the game/ yes that breath is often needed get some press and often greeted never stressed and less than heated/ some say I’m underrated know the glow is most incredible/ so yo it’s never faded yo the flow is most indelible (chyeeea!)/ and I’m back in the race and I’m back in the place with a track u relate to a plaque in the case like a rat in the race with a bat to your face I’ll be back to replace filling cracks in the space (woo!)/ raps with the pace with the tact and the grace and the tracks that I lace put the facts in your face/ stacks that I make put it back in the safe and the wax that I break bring it back with the bass/ say u got guns/ what do u believe in? say u got funds/ what are u achieving? Say u straight stunt do u front for a reason? Image is clear we don’t see it for a reason I got bars that people feel (uh huh)/ Zuby’s sick when holding steel (uh huh!)/ lyrical with mass appeal and Zuby’s gonna keep it real (chyeeea!) CHORUS (x2) Chyeeea! The Unknown Celebrity/ are you down with Zuby?/ I’m done man I’m out.
Mic check one two/ yo I’d like to give a big shout out to everybody who’s been supporting me so far/ u know it’s kind of funny being an upcoming artist in this music game u know, not everybody wants to show u love/ but the crazy thing is u know when the see u on the TV and in the magazines/ it’s gonna be the same ones that ignored u that are running back right? (chyea)/ so check it out yo. Yo, yo/ Getting closer to perfection with the tightest flow injection ‘gainst the grain to etch a name and kicking game like David Beckham (yup)/ teach without a lecture what you’re hearing is progress/ speech is for your pleasure so I’m keeping the vox fresh/ mine are special people they say Zuby’s got next cuz I come with special features like your DVD box-set/ say I’m down with Zuby taking names to make an army they love my music making waves the flow is like tsunami (chyeeea!)/ a natural disaster but it’s actually mastered how I intercourse with instrumentals sexually faster (woo)/ make love to beats and drumming unprotected breaks are minimal (uh huh)/ so when I say I’m coming understand it might be literal (ha ha!)/ and I’m not pulling out I think I’m seeded in this game and I’m achieving what I aim because I’m needed in this game (chyea)/ some say that I’ll be rich cuz I’m slick with the wit (chyea)/ some say that life’s a bitch but I still wanna hit (ha ha!). CHORUS We all gotta go but who wants to be forgotten? To take it to the top you gotta make it from the bottom You see the ones that’s hating when you pitch in the street But it’s the same ones that claiming when you rich off the beat Cuz they doubt you when you’re going up Doubt you when you’re slowing up Suddenly you’re blowing up Suddenly they’re showing up (I bet the same cats that’s laughing while I’m chasing my dream will be the ones asking for something if I’m major on the scene). Yo, yo, now u know in my reality my life is what these verses be a young black man fresh out of Oxford University (I did it)/ always a minority I gotta represent (uh huh)/ gotta let u people know we’ve got the knowledge and the strength (chyea)/ I reach across the static with a waiver of authority/ flow is automatic ain’t no hater out there stalling me (no) see I’ma keep moving (yeah)/ you’re gonna keep losing (yeah)/ I go beyond the music these are jewels that I’m diffusing/ cards are dealt at random so complain but u can’t change them man I’ll never really blame them say it took an ace to make him/ claim the kid is faking try to frame him when u name him (what?)/ in truth u need some targets and some lessons on your aiming/ still I flow regardless in the mental I’m the hardest my credentials are the smartest I’m a hip hop artist (chyeeea!)/ so listen to my scripture and conceptualise a whisper/ I’m drawing when I’m talking time to visualise the picture. CHORUS (I bet the same girl that blanks me when I hustle CDs will be the one claiming she loves me when I’m on the TV) We all gotta hustle (uh)/ we all gotta give (uh)/ we all gotta struggle (uh)/ we all gotta live/ everybody wants to rake it everybody wants to shine/ everybody wants to make it but nobody wants to grind (no)/ see me on the hustle every season for my passion man I strive to make it double that’s the reason for my action (yeah)/ prove the doubters wrong will be the greatest satisfaction (uh huh) when they out and hear my song and and they wanna claim a fraction I don’t care for their reaction (nah)/ don’t know if I’ll be famous/ I know my fans relating cuz they say I’m like the greatest (for real)/ and even music critics want to buy some Zuby stocks (yup!)/ and even indie kids are saying Zuby frickin’ rocks (ha ha)/ Some say I go the harder way to me it’s just the smarter way/ I’ma get em shook when crossing over like I’m Hardaway cuz I’m a big issue (chyea)/ like visions for the homeless don’t procrastinate your life boy I’m living for the moment. CHORUS (I bet the same ones that didn’t wanna give me reviews will be the ones claiming they made me when I’m big in the news) CHORUS And that’s real.
Bad Man chyea! Hollaman chyea! Let’s take it to em, let’s go! Jump back ride out game inside out Why you wanna front like we dunno where you hide at? (where you hide at? x4) What you think I’m sick of this rapping running your mouth and look at what happened What you think I’m sick of this rapping running your mouth and look at what happened Yo, yo, yo, Zuby’s back again (chyeeea!)/ people thought I wouldn’t do it dip in blast flow like fluid and it’s beautiful music (uh huh)/ my bars are scissor sharp so my mum won’t let me run with them rip up and I’m done with them tell the people come get em!/ (ch-ch-ch-ch-chyea!) and Zuby’s back in the race/ but never running verbal gunning and I’m clapping the place/ I wanna roll with the best of them and flow with the best of them snooze like the rest of them and lose like the rest/ never that homie (no)/ u should know that ain’t my stee-lo (no)/ I’m taking off like Harriers won’t disappear like Skee-Lo (no)/ I’m breaking down the barriers and counting up from zero love the game and I’ma marry her and multiply my people (yeah)/ shining like a diamond (bling!) my assignment is alignment keep hip hop in position rappers lie like politicians (ha ha)/ only nine you ever shot was prolly followed by a ten and only dime you ever popped was prolly worth ten cents so… CHORUS Jump back ride out game inside out Why you wanna front like we dunno where you hide at? (where you hide at? x4) What you think I’m sick of this rapping running your mouth and look at what happened What you think I’m sick of this rapping running your mouth and look at what happened Fall back fake rap false chat weak crap Why you wanna act like you really let the heat clap? (Hollaman) Y’all don’t let no heat clap y’all don’t know no street cats where you got a cheap hat why you selling dreams black? Hold down the fort like the Alamo/ push a rapper to the edge then I tell him jump like Geronimo/ damn this is comical fake killers with two faces hung up on they own style suicide with shoelaces/ your crew hates us cuz we don’t fight fair y’all selling these dreams I’m giving away nightmares fly spitting in Nike Airs how cool is that?/ they told me wasn’t no black in the Union Jack/ come on now had to get up on this Zuby track/ cuz the rest of y’all dudes is wack and that’s real/ mass appeal with no effort at all you really think I ain’t f’ing with y’all? Now that’s sort of tragic/ yeah I’m cocky as hell it’s just a force of habit/ and the way that I freak beats is pornographic (uhh!)/ now watch me expose your ass how bout you jump back and ride out I told your ass. CHORUS (Zuby) Ha ha yo, no you ain’t getting dough (nah)/ and you ain’t hitting hoes (nah)/ so now you get exposed like those up in your videos (uh huh)/ and you don’t pop bottles (no)/ and you don’t cock models, top model shock throttles drive by and pop hollows (come on) (Hollaman) And you ain’t doing that (nah)/ and you ain’t true to that (nah)/ why you rapping bout weight you ain’t moving that (ah uh)/ why you claiming G4s you ain’t flew in that (ha)/ your whole style from your jewels to your shoes is wack (Zuby) Chyeeea and that’s my duty black you fronting like you holding stacks pushing packs and cooking crack/ balling with no strings attached who told u u should rap?/ your flow is kind of floppy but don’t hate me cuz you’re sloppy doggy hate me cuz you’re not me (ha ha!)/ and rate me cuz I rap better than most these poppy carbon copies stroppy cuz I’m cocky but you’re hardly gonna stop me (woo!) (Hollaman) I rep Baltimore proudly course I say it loudly/ If u ain’t said The League ain’t saying nothing about me. CHORUS (Hollaman) You know what it is man. The Bad Man, The Hollaman. Check it yo, know who it is it’s your man Holla/ you know the plan trying to get them damn dollars/ holler at your boy! (Zuby) Uh huh, yeah I flow so smooth u can’t believe I’m not butter/ and I spit never stutter can’t believe I’m not gutter huh? (ha ha)
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to welcome you all to this presentation. We’ve got a special guest performance this evening from my man Zuby, The Unknown Celebrity. Make sure you check him out. They don’t know about me (x4) Chyeeea! Running and I pass em gunning and I blast em ripping them tracks up flipping em back but not looking back but seeing what happened not selling crack but rapping to the masses [but they don’t know about me] (x4) Sun up to sundown bro put your gun down u ain’t gotta dump now people having fun now people getting drunk now prolly gonna front now this is gonna pump now Zuby’s gonna bump loud [cuz they don’t know about me] (x4) Life is a struggle rap is a hustle try is a must though strive and I must blow slack and I slow up rap and I flow up right when I blow up plaques when I grow up [one day they'll know about me] (x4) CHORUS Uh uh, somebody’s gotta win, yeah yeah somebody’s gotta lose People hoping that I make it so I’m staying dedicated Love my people always say it close to me we’re so related Ha ha somebody’s gotta man, uh uh somebody’s gotta Moving up I’m almost famous now they knowing what my name is Breaking walls and flipping pages when they call I’m ripping stages Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo! Every line I spit I’m breaking it down/ making mad hits I’m taping it now/ raking up pounds and I’m taking this crown cuz the boy does rounds til I’m running this town [but they don’t know about me] (x4) Your style is repetitive violent and negative mindless rhymeless flow like a sedative mine is a medicine rhyme like a veteran mind is timeless neural adrenaline [but they don’t know about me] (x4) Call me that hot like my verse they dig call me capslock cuz my words stay big/ no I’m not hot cuz I earn like Big but know I’m that hot cuz I burn like cigs [but they don’t know about me] (x4) Half the time what you’re looking for is up in your face half the rhymes with the metaphors never be traced/ pass a bit like a semaphore slick like a matador grind tight limelight aim for a better score [and then they'll know about me] (x4) CHORUS Yeah somebody’s gotta man, yeah somebody’s gotta People hoping that I make it so I’m staying dedicated Love my people always say it close to me we’re so related Ha ha! Somebody’s gotta man, uh, yeah somebody’s gotta Moving up I’m almost famous now they knowing what my name is Breaking walls and flipping pages when they call I’m ripping stages [Zuby that was beautiful that was beautiful. I can hear them calling, can we have a little encore performance for these ladies and gentlemen?] Chyeeea! Jump off stage reach into the crowd deep like rave it’s feeling so loud/ and it’s so hazy and I see ladies and they see me and they all go crazy [cuz now they know about me] (x4) Getting respect and doing fast put it on deck and put it on blast/ hand elevation fans in elation had to come back and it’s a standing ovation. [cuz now they know about me] (x4) CHORUS Chyeeea! Yeah yeah somebody’s gotta win, uh, yeah somebody’s gotta lose People hoping that I make it so I’m staying dedicated Love my people always say it close to me we’re so related Yeah, ha ha! Somebody’s gotta, ha, yeah somebody’s gotta! Moving up I’m almost famous now they knowing what my name is Breaking walls and flipping pages when they call I’m ripping stages Chyeea! (Bad Man)
Big Things 04:13
You see big things in your life I see big things in my life They love cuz dough is so nice They love cuz flow is so tight See bottles popping tonight But I’m gon’ rock it tonight You see big things in your life I see big things in my life Yo, yo, yo Yo music is like crack to me I’ll spit til I’m a casualty f’ taking strips I’m making hits produce them like a factory (uh!)/ hit em with the science like I slipped right out the faculty and grill em with appliance cuz u cats are sounding wack to me (wack)/ really it’s a tragedy it’s fiction not the facts to me when people claim celebrity but really they just acts to me (come on)/ notice how they got a page of so and so went shopping? (uh huh)/ it’s hopeless how some things have changed but I’ma get it popping (chyeeea!)/ the type to keep it lyrical like Prez but less political but still I’m feeling critical of certain individuals (uh huh)/ no you’re never stopping me I said that it’s the topic b I’m gonna make a mockery of worldly little policy (yeah)/ got a little money and u got a little chain (uh huh)/ so u got a little honey and you got a little change (uh huh)/ so u acting like a dummy fronting like u own the game cuz to me it’s kind of funny when nobody knows your name. CHORUS You see big things in your life (yeah) I see big things in my life (yeah) They love cuz dough is so nice (so nice!) They love cuz flow is so tight (so tight!) See bottles popping tonight (yeah) But I’m gon’ rock it tonight (yeah) You see big things in your life I see big things in my life This a simple demonstration I ain’t ever really hating if I’m talking bling and diamond rings are u really relating? (no)/ See Zuby’s not a thug and no I’ve never shot a slug but when I script a page and hit the stage the people show me love (chyea)/ don’t rap about this Zuby rap about that (huh?)/ don’t rap about peace Zuby rap about gats (what?)/ if u wanna get the glory Zuby rap about crack (nah)/I ain’t in it for the stories though I’m in it for the facts (go)/ so no I’m not a baller b but money is prophecy enhance it with the royalties advance is like a lottery/ don’t want it for the women but the chicks would be a bonus (chyea!)/ fact is men want money just so chicks will wanna bone us (ha ha!)/ so everyone is B.I.G. and all the kids are V.I.P./ fronting in the club like they don’t ever ask to see I.D and most the ladies out complete the B.S. scene/ cuz they look good but they’re expensive like the PS3 (chyeeea!). CHORUS Where my people at? Where my people at? Yo To all my people in front who go to clubs and make it bump say ‘I got no champagne but it ain’t a damn thang’ My people in the back who find it hard to make a stack say ‘I got no champagne but it ain’t a damn thang’ My people in the schools who wanna go out break the rules say ‘I got no champagne but it ain’t a damn thang’ And if u think it’s cool go head and buy it act a fool Go and get your champagne and go and do the damn thang (fool). CHORUS Chyeeea! This is The Bad Man signing out, and this song is Big Things and this is going out to everybody out there doing big things with their lives. Trying to follow their dreams, not giving up hope, going against the grain. Not people who think they’re doing big things by spending their best friend’s or their parents money in the club yo. That’s not cool that’s not a big thing man. I’m just keeping it real. (Bad Man) CHORUS
Ohh ohh ohh ha ha! (chyea!) They said I couldn’t make em prance man I couldn’t make em dance man/ what u wanna bet? (Now you’re repping with The Bad Man) What u wanna bet I can make the ground thump and What u wanna bet I can make the crowd jump like (yeah yeah yeah!) Bet it gets stuck in your head now you’re hearing what I said tell me what u wanna bet Yo, yo Seeping through the synthesizer Zuby spits the sickest fire focus so I take it higher notice how they all admire/ cuz I’m clean with it (uh) hot with it (uh) mean with it (uh) shock with it (uh) seen with it (uh) caught with it (uh) fiend with it (uh) talk with it (uh, chyeeea!)/ and when I rip it through the wire get em whipped into perspire cuz they leaping to the fire (uh huh)/ get extreme with it (uh) bop with it (uh) scheme with it (uh) pop with it (uh) gleam with it (uh) drop with it (uh) lean with it (uh) rock with it/ nah a flaw in comprehension doesn’t scare or trouble me Zuby draws lots of attention like a pair of double d’s/ in awe of my ascension cuz I’m climbing easily (uh huh)/ from an honourable mention to a featuring mc?/ don’t let your woman hear me speak she’ll prolly think that I’m sweet (for real)/ then fall in love about two hours after listening to me (ha ha!)/ I bet u anything I said man that’s what I’ma get fam I ain’t got no debts damn what u wanna bet man? CHORUS What u wanna bet I can make the ground thump and What u wanna bet I can make the crowd jump like (yeah yeah yeah!) Bet it gets stuck in your head now you’re hearing what I said tell me what u wanna bet What u wanna bet I can make the club bump and What u wanna bet I can get the club crunk like (yeah yeah yeah!) Bet it gets stuck in your head now you’re hearing what I said tell me what u wanna bet Yo, yo Now if you’ve never heard of Zuby u could say that I’m a new face (uh huh)/ tired of this clubbing think I gotta find a new place (yeah)/ still some cats are tripping like they didn’t tie a shoelace (what’s up?)/ hate to see me winning so they hit me with a screw face/ I don’t mind the grimace if u tough ain’t gotta show me (no)/ there’s a lot of women so I’m looking at them only (uh huh)/ if that girl is single then she’s prolly feeling lonely (woo!)/ if she’s feeling lonely then she prolly wants to know me (ha ha)/ hardly ever fear but I was shook yo to be honest cuz I’m looking at her rear thinking ‘thank goodness for McDonalds’ (daaamn!)/ she said I’m looking buff ‘yeah I’m just naturally jacked’/ I told her ‘look but don’t touch’ and yo she actually laughed/ so I’m winding up this lady cuz it’s just the way to mack her and I’m grinding on her crazy but in truth I wanna tap her (yeah)/ she said she like my music and my ways are looking dapper (for real)/ but she ain’t even know if I’m a DJ or rapper (aww!) CHORUS See I was gone but now I’m back like the prodigal son/ and while u rapping we just laughing cuz it’s comical son/ I’m spending time behind bars so it’s phenomenal son/ I’m growing up to be a star I’m astronomical huh? (chyeeea!)/ so now the aim is get a name and not a nominal one (uh huh)/ cuz I can spray for days and days it’s anatomically done (yeah)/ and when I’m talking people listen cuz I smack em with renditions bringing back into commission lyrics needing some cognition/ if u don’t get the flow then I ain’t possibly sad (uh uh)/ I know some critics full of crap like a colostomy bag/ and I know some are kinda slow but I ain’t probably mad/ u notice how I’m taking notes like I’m a robbery bag? (I know)/ and so I always stay ahead I send the message it’ll spread I know you’re hearing what I said because it gets stuck in your head/ make hits like it’s karate moving swift like Maserati til I’m hitting awesome totty blessed with apple bottom bodies chyea! CHORUS If you’ve never heard of Zuby u could say that I’m a new face, yup But u cats are still tripping like u didn’t tie your shoelace (Bad Man) I don’t mind the grimace if u tough ain’t gotta show me, no See, there’s a lot of women so I’m looking at them only.
Bad Man. And this is the real (the real) Yo, life is more than growing up as simple as it might seem and in the sewers of the world I’m excavating pipe dreams climbing never ending slopes/ this life is not a joke the broke kids are pitching dope the rich kids are sniffing coke (damn)/ the road of life’s congested but it’s driving they suggest/ only see from one perspective so they're blinded to the rest/ and I’m striving to be best/ life’s a complicated test damn/ everyday hustle we’re all grinding like the next man/ time is of the essence that’s a valuable lesson/ cuz you never know your ending ‘til that time becomes the present/ you set your own limits man and no one’s living twice so instead of fleeing death you should be chasing after life/ some people love to tell you that you’re never gonna make it people try and people fail/ many lack determination but I’ve got a blind date with a lady called success and I’ve heard she’s kind of pretty but she’s playing hard to get. CHORUS (x2) We all gotta hustle We all gotta give We all gotta struggle We all gotta live To be known as an achiever never split at the seams see I was born to be a leader but I follow my dreams/ now I’m hearing people dissing some don’t want me to shine/ in their life there’s something missing so they’re worried ‘bout mine/ so I tell you people listen you can wish against my vision while you live with inhibitions I’ll just glisten like a prism/ the Lord’s my source of light so it’s right to give a mention/ cuz if you think I’m bright then you’re just seeing a reflection/ but I’m not really trying to get religious on you cats cuz I know you simply worshipping the digits coming back/ that love’s the root of evil but it keeps the globe’s motion that’s the truth if money feeble life is moving slow motion/ cuz I know my people and I know they people/ it’s hard to get a helping hand unless you pay people/ sometimes I love people sometimes I hate people/ and some I just don’t understand cuz some are fake people CHORUS (x2) Yo, you know what I’m trying to say is that every day is like a hustle/ whether it’s using your mind or using your muscle/ we each a little piece of the puzzle get in where you fit in stay out of trouble/ nine to five or playing live/ people selling drugs ladies selling love/ people wearing suits or second hand boots/ whether you’re neat or in the street/ and it really doesn’t matter what colour you are/ you can be Asian, Oriental, Black, Caucasian/ it’s not about segregation it’s unification cuz to me the globe is basically a single nation/ we have a lot more in common than we have that separates us/ so when we fight each other really we’re just fighting against us/ you feel me? Check it out yo. (Bad Man) CHORUS (x2) Check it out yo, yo (chyeeea!) This ain’t simple black and white no one’s really black or white that’s a basic fact of life but ain’t no colour acting right (nah)/ so don’t believe the hype because the media ain’t bright (no)/ and just because they write don’t mean the type is really right (no)/ see race is not a factor we all need the same love whether see or main thug we all bleed the same blood/ what makes a man decide to strap a bomb to his chest? /the same pain that makes a girl confide in drugs to her death (damn)/ I know it’s like the hardest to be patient with yourself but you don’t wanna hit the targets if your aiming at yourself/ no suicidal tendencies being what you’re meant to be/ try to make us products but these words are complimentary so I’ma keep giving (yeah)/ and I’ma keep living (yeah)/ flooded where we standing but we gotta keep swimming see you’re smiling on the outside but inside you’re frowning/ you gotta keep your head up cuz inside you're drowning.
Can't See Me 04:28
Uh, yo, yo CHORUS You can talk rich but you don’t show me You can talk ish but you don’t know me You can run far but you can’t be free You can look hard but you can’t see me No setbacks stay on track with a rap never get lax Til I stack to the max I’ma spit crack Bring it back sing it black with a big track cuz I want that Zuby’s got brains, Zuby’s got power, Zuby’s got game, Zuby never cowers/ so the same thing til I’m falling like showers gotta maintain til I’m pushing up flowers/ write hard spit hard sick with the imagery right bars hit hard physically lyrically/ you can hate me but you don’t know me/ try to toll me but you don’t slow me/ try to fold me but you can’t reach me/ try to scold me but you can’t teach me/ that’s bold b you can’t hold me you don’t flow b you don’t own me/ why you wanna act like you so g and you hold heat and you blow g’s when we all see that you phony and you so weak and you so sweet/ come on man that’s not you cellophane images we can see through/ and remain limitless gotta be you and attract the right crowd and you might break through/ why you wanna lie you ain’t built like that/ live by the gun getting killed by that/ don’t pull trigger if you to try to seem bigger cuz when it gets realer find you not a real killer/ people on the inside people on the beat people on the outside people on the street/ people hustle worldwide people gotta eat some people gonna play fair some are gonna cheat/ some have got worries other ones straight balling some have got money other funds are straight stalling/ know we got hoods know we got problems but killing brothers ain’t really gonna solve em. CHORUS (x2) Zuby’s got visions Zuby’s got dreams/ globe is like a prison world is like a theme/ countries cages food is wages armed and dangerous human rages we don’t need love we don’t need peace/ we just need slugs and a lil chrome piece/ spill a lil blood make the people know peace and if they try to run hit em in the dome piece/ that’s not fun that’s not right they’ve got guns we’ve got knives/ armies navies grown ups babies soldiers ladies man it’s crazy boys got tools/ for no price got no schools that’s just trife/ they’re not fools but that’s just strife/ that’s not cool but that’s just life/ go through stages conflicts ages time turns pages some outrageous and it’s so real/ how you cats feel?/ knowing that your kids could be riddled with steel/ knowing that your son could be sent against will to a land full of enemies mission is real/ head full of memories wishing it’s drills but death is the recipe kill or be killed/ terrorism cataclysm blowing up the television and it don’t rest/ kids are so stressed underneath the uniform kids have got teks/ ain’t really warm but kids have got vest now they’ve gotta come to term with it ain’t it so messed?/ yeah they still young but they know the unrest so I pray for the next gen and hope for the best. CHORUS (x2)
Z-U-B-Y, your main man End Of The Weak, Webbafied let’s ride! (Chyeeea!) Sound beautiful don’t it? (you know it) Buckle up your seatbelts (take em for a ride). It's the evolution of the game right here, check it (this is us). Zuby, Webbafied (hit em Webb) ok! (Webbafied) Starting blocks as opposed to hitting the finish line/ Brutus versus Popeye underdog and its spinach time (uh-huh!)/ the ways of the world leave me down in the dumps/ but I reconstruct my beginning its bigger than blowing up/ dun-dunn! It’s a lot bigger than blowing up Zub you gotta tell em (I know man, I know) All over again! (true indeed) Like a convict, serving 20 odd at large/ finally set free in society its gotta be hard!/ your baby moms moved on, got another brother raising your kid/ starting fresh coming home from a bid I guess… It’s gotta be difficult it can’t be simple (that’s life man) yo! Like the cheating boyfriend or the backstabbing lady (uh huh)/ forgiven by your counterpart broken heart for your baby boo/ guess you starting over too cuz if its true/ your new beginning’s spinning them gray skies into blue so/ choose, lose, win, begin/ we gon’ start it over again so all in sing it! CHORUS Work so hard, but I’m only human All over again! Start all over again, again (Zuby) (Yo Zuby) Yo Web I got it from here man (get right son!), I’ma take it to em. Check it out yo (Chyeeea!) Im black and I rap yeah aint that stereotypical? (yup)/ but I rap and I’m in Oxford, wait that aint that typical (alright)/I’m tryin to make an earning so I gotta get my pence right cuz can’t make a buck unless you start with some sense right? (right, right, right?) you know what I’m saying man? Chyeeea! Consider this. The world’s a messed up place and nowadays you pick your fate I’m old enough to go to war but couldn’t drink in the States (ha)/ if you think about it really yo what sense does that make?/ answer’s clear no shots or beer but can take shots to the face (Brap!) (Brap! Brap! Brap! All over again) Yo I rhyme what I feel never sellin out for dough (never)/ this a kinda thoughtful song that’s how I’m feelin at the mo (uh huh)/ kinda stressed not depressed tryin to get Soundscan to this what more do you want yo?/ I’m young hot and talented so love me love me love me/ and I do it cuz I want to, chyeeea! CHORUS (Zuby!) Webbafied. All over again yup! This the movement right here yo. Zuby, Webbafied (that’s right) Oxford, Brooklyn collaboration (collabo). Let’s take it home my brother (all that good stuff, get em) (Zuby) It’s a sick world we live in these days (why?)/ cuz we can blow each other up but we can’t cure AIDS (true, true, true) we don’t help each other out, we just try to get paid (true) and forget about love/ we just try to get laid, yup (ha ha! Yeah I be doin that too son) Guilty as charged man! (I feel you, tell em) Bad Man (Webbafied) I was jumping the gun in the hundred bar dash/ false start, out of the gate I was on blast (uh-huh uh-huh!)/ dirty laundry hang on my clothesline perhaps/ since its 2006 I should be cleaning up my act/ fresh start! Physics! Physics! Zuby! Yo take em home baby lets go! (Chyeeea! Yo, yo!) (Zuby) Some deny that they feel it still I got they're respect/ no rap vet no teks still its sellin like sex (yes!)/ if I go you’re gonna miss me like the dearly departed/ 3-6-0 rotation damn look I’m back where I started. (Zuby, Webbie two-thou-six!) And we do it cuz we want to. CHORUS That’s how we did it Zube first track together son (yeah man, they didn’t know it was gonna happen yo) 2006 son you growing as an MC (the next generation of this rap game yo). You killin em right now son! (Chyeeea!) Like, like the prophet! (uh huh, uh huh, that’s me man) the prodigy! (that’s me man! that’s me man!) Oxford! (uh huh!) You know what I’m sayin with sneakers and baggy jeans (ha ha ha!). It’s a bad look for them! (I know man, lets do it yo) Tell them dudes to eat their protein bars (Webbafied man, big up yo) let’s go.


'The Unknown Celebrity' is Zuby's second full-length album. A variety of sonic landscapes provide the perfect accompaniment to Zuby's never-ending rhymes and laugh out loud punchlines. Features the singles 'Too Many' and 'The Same Ones'.


released January 4, 2008

All songs written by Nzube Udezue and featured artists
Recorded and mixed by Chris Fulton
Mastered by Ty Degroff at The Final Sound


all rights reserved



Zuby UK

Zuby is an independent British rapper and creative entrepreneur, known for his authentic, positive lyricism and inspirational message.

He has sold over 25,000 albums independently, performed in 8 countries, and amassed over 800,000 social media followers.

Zuby was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia, and is a graduate of Oxford University.
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