Are You Down With Zuby (FREE EP)

by Zuby

Countdown 05:39
[Intro] Are you down with Zuby? Say who is he? Better believe Right here with he, so you can see I’m owning the team, controlling the scene Come rolling with me, unfolding the dream. Say who is he? Better believe Right here with he, so you can see I’m owning the team, controlling the scene Come rolling with me, uh. [Chorus] (Z!) say who is he? (U!) better believe (B!) right here with he (Y!) so you can see (Me!) I’m owning the team (We!) controlling the scene (You!) come rolling with me (We!) unfolding the dream (Ten!) I’m a hustler my friend (Nine!) I get it I grind (Eight!) from morning to late (Seven!) don’t stop till eleven (Six!) chasing Lizzie, no chicks (Five!) I’ll sleep when I die (Four!) rap I’m serving it raw (Three, two, one) [Verse 1] Lyrical icon, physically fit Syllable python, miracle wit Critical hit non-critical crews Kill and criticise one syllable fools Seminal thoughts, analytical moves Never tolerate hypocritical views If you want to grow then you’ve gotta eat food So if you want to blow then you’ve gotta pay dues I don’t know about y’all, I don’t know about he Twenty-six letters homes, I just know about ‘Z’ Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t talking ’bout heat Pop four holes through your grill like an Audi Cuz you chat air and a brother needs room Match and one flare and I’m go finna go (boom!) CEO, now a mini tycoon Trust if it’s meant to be then it’ll be, soon… My feeling’s in my music, there’s nothing fabricated So if you want to know me, just listen to this statement Cuz I’ve been grinding long, sometimes I get frustrated Cuz I want so much more, so sick of being patient I’m grateful to my fans, y’all keep me motivated Cuz yo this industry, is sort of rapper racist No opportunity, truthful not exaggerated Try to weigh us down cuz they don’t want to see us elevated I don’t know why we’re hated, support is so belated Cuz I’ve just been on tour, headline not annotated Hundreds of miles from home, but people congregated Took a pic with every fan so they know they’re appreciated They told me I’m a legend, some say I’m overrated How can I be overrated when you critic’s over-jaded? But y’all some dream-killers, player haters, over-weighted Hate me cuz I broke all of the rules you thought were consecrated And I don’t mind some fame, long as I have my freedom I’ll never join the lame cuz single-handedly I’ll beat em You’re hiding from the rain, to me it’s just some water Look into the psyche of the brother of my mother’s daughter And I was raised to never lie and never steal Rappers overuse the phrase but they don’t ever keep it real In the booth they get immoral off the stereo hype Listen to Zuby in monaural cut the stereotype, chyea! [Bridge] But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach the dream then it wasn’t meant to be But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach the dream then it wasn’t meant to be But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach the dream then it wasn’t meant to be But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually Get it eventually… [Chorus x 2] [Bridge] But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach my dream then it wasn’t meant to be But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach my dream then it wasn’t meant to be But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach my dream then it wasn’t meant to be But if it’s meant to be, get it eventually If I don’t reach my dream then it wasn’t meant to be.
[Verse 1] If I’m hungry then I’m eating y’all are permanently Ramadan/ a charming rap phenomenon no qualm to bomb on any song/ fire that I’m bringing’s like I flipped and got my shotty on/ I’m sick of rappers singing leave the chorus to Omarion/ y’all are one dimensional, surface of a polygon/ rap about the party but there’s more to life than totty thong/ go and get your party on yeah I get my party on/ people know I party strong but this ain’t a party song/ hot cuz I rock with talk you can not/ I don’t pop lock and drop I don’t lean I don’t rock/ but they love when I rock from my block to your block/ you can not think I’m hot cuz I’m real you are not / I’m cooking up a little flame building up a little name/ working up a little fame to get into the bigger game/ killing them with silly talk hit with even bigger drops/ now you know that I’m the man go and buy a bigger watch. [Hook] Go hard or go home, go hard or go home, go hard or go home, go hard or go home Cuz you don’t really really want this (nah fam!) You don’t really really want this (nah fam!) Go hard or go home, go hard or go home, go hard or go home, go hard or go home Cuz you don’t really really want this (nah fam!) Do you really really want this? [Verse 2] I’m a champ to the peon, literally beyond/ most of ya’ll cats so I don’t need a crutch to lean on/ this is like a theme song, real honest spitting/ put my life behind bars and I ain’t ever see a prison/ clean honest living even though I’ve heard that crime pays/ 9 thousand 900 and 99 ways/ but you get locked for 999 strays/ no girls no fam 999 days/ hot cuz I got what I’ve got from the talk/ it was not from the rock even less from the pot/ I will not talk the talk ‘less walk what I talk/ you can not think I’m hot cuz I’m real you are not/ come through like plizow! bust raps like rizounds/ laughing at you buddy cuz you’re acting like a clizown/ tell me what’s the meaning too intelligent for beefing/ they’re try to keep my people down I want to know the reason. [Hook] [Verse 3] You just a little man, you want a bigger name/ so you bought a bigger watch and you bought a bigger chain/ you bought a little bub to impress a pretty dame/ now you think that you the man, you think that you the man/ you just a little man, you want a bigger name/ so you rap about the pistol and you rap about the ‘caine/ you want to be a thug you can’t really do the claim/ but you think that you the man, you think that you the man/ you a rookie not a veteran bars are like a sedative/ if you think you’re ill, I’m a doctor with the medicine/ turn to Zuby Radio I’m killing every station/ only wack dudes listen to your tunes for inspiration/ think that you the man but we can see your fronting/ record a hundred mixtapes and managed to say nothing/ don’t ever think I’m bitter life is sweet so keep stunting/ Zuby is a heavy hitter all you cats can keep bunting. [Hook]
Too Many 03:38
[Chorus] Too many highs and too many lows Too many lies and too many woes Too many rhymes and too many flows Too many lines and too many shows Too many guys and too many hoes Too many rise and too many rose Too many bends and too many roads Too many friends and too many foes [Verse 1] It’s your boy Zuby and you know I stay moving Lyrics stay cruising, verbal abusing Vocal illusions, Copperfield tricks Leave focal contusions, proper real hits You know I’m not losing, know I’m improving Gotta stay up so you know I’m not snoozing Mind made up so you know I’m not choosing Grind game up so the units keep moving Brain in the game, just like Sudoku Running through lames like the tape that I go through Came in the game with an aim for the fame And my name never changed I’ma rain on the game Leave a stain on the frame, same with the name Hot lines, got mines, staying in the lane Changing the game like I change in the lanes No Range, no ‘caine, no chain, no fame no You cats ain’t got no game no, my raps ain’t got no feign Heavy vibe, clever jibe, honestly I never lie Don’t need no consolation, got so much innovation So while you contemplating Zuby built a strong a strong foundation (chyeeea!) I came to shock the nation (chyeeea!) I came to rock your station (chyeeea!) I came to drop quotations brighter than the constellations Zuby’s got the sickest flow Zuby’s got the sickest shows Y’all people better fricking know That Zuby’s gonna fricking blow. [Chorus x 2] [Verse 2] Now the truth I’m ‘bout to leak it, Zuby’s seeping through your speakers They speaking I’m the deepest, tell your people they can peep it Got problems they can keep it, I can’t solve it I don’t need it But you haters best believe it when I’m speaking words are heeded Like fresh air in the game, yes that breath is often needed Get some press and often greeted Never stressed and less than heated Some say I’m underrated, know the glow is most incredible So yo it’s never faded yo the flow is most indelible (chyeeea!) And I’m back in the race and I’m back in the place With a track you relate to a plaque in the case Like a rat in the race with a bat to your face I’ll be back to replace filling cracks in the space Raps with the pace with the tact and the grace And the tracks that I lace put the facts in your face Stacks that I make put it back in the safe And the wax that I break bring it back with the bass Say you got guns, what do you believe in? Say you got funds, what are you achieving? Say you straight stunt, do you front for a reason? Image is clear we don’t see it for a reason I got bars that people feel Zuby’s sick when holding steel Lyrical with mass appeal And Zuby’s gonna keep it real. (chyeeea!) [Chorus x 2] [Outro] Chyeeea! The Unknown Celebrity. Are you down with Zuby? I’m done man, I’m out.
[Intro] Chyeeea! Uh, I’m feeling good right now man (Chyea, chyea, look at me now baby, chyea, chyea, look at me now) It’s been a long time like, I feel like the past couple of years I’ve come so far But I’ve still got a long way to go to get to where I want to be, if that makes sense It’s kind of like I’ve gone from zero to sixty but we’re trying to get to two hundred right about now (Chyea, chyea, look at me now baby, chyea, chyea, look at me now) But this is the song we’re going to sing when we get there. [Verse 1] Hustling, grinding, struggling, striving Want it then you’ve got to be Trying to get my numbers up, harder than the lottery I don’t care about the car I’m trying to get the property So I’m not buying out the bar I’m trying to set up properly I expect adversity I live to overcome it Forgotten anniversary you’re gonna get confronted My growth is exponential I’ll be rocking till I’ve won it Cuz my flow is presidential I’m Barack-ing till I run it (chyeeea!) The story of my life, I could office it and cake it But that glory’s not my type I want the opposite of basic I’m trying to be a superstar, a king of all the places Pulled the jokers out my deck and now I’m rolling with some aces Made fans along the way, so I’ve gotta make it pay I’ll put in 20 hour days as if a worked in M&A Now I’m five years in the game I’ve seen a little glimpse of fame But would love to reach the stage where honeys flipping off the name. [Chorus] You kicked me when I was down, wouldn’t help me off the ground You said I would never make it and I wouldn’t fit the crown but (Ayyyyyy!) Chyea! Chyea! Look at me now baby! (Ayyyyyy!) Chyea! Chyea! Look at me now! We started at the bottom they thought we were gonna stop So we’re working even harder till we make it to the top like (Ayyyyyy!) Chyea! Chyea! Look at me now baby! (Ayyyyyy!) Chyea! Chyea! Look at me now! [Verse 2] My talent’s cultivated I’m too smart to be gangster I’ve got too much education and know way too many bankers My shares could be the greatest, I’ve got fame on my to do list And I’m ready for the ride I’ve got my drink I’ve got my Rubik’s Some say my life’s amazing is that really what it seems? Just a brother working extra hard to super-size my dreams It ain’t easy people see me, some tell me that they feel me The other day a kid I met told me he wants to be me I just smirked like ‘Do you really want to be him?’ All I do is eat and work and rap and go to the gym So if you want some awesome abs then I can show you how to get em But learn to block a jab they’ll only knock you if you let ‘em You can work until you’re greying but there’s always someone richer And lift until you’re straining but there’s always someone bigger So learn to count your blessings, try to see the bigger picture You can’t run the streets forever cuz there’s always someone fitter. [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yo, I walk a narrow road that shapes the thoughts behind the words I write Alone all in my zone my heart is feeling like the coldest night I’m getting older right? I’m getting colder right? It’s like I don’t care what you feel, long as I know my flows are tight That ain’t completely right, integrity is honesty Hate you to think I’m bitter and if so accept apology Bare all like a nudist never been a fan of modesty So even when I’m cruel at least you know I’m speaking honestly Everybody’s fluent, just a few will listen properly And everybody’s foolish that’s the problem with democracy Telling me to vote, vote for what? I need a proper scheme No human is superior though everybody wants to be Yup, including me, why think I’m rapping? Why you think I’m in this booth? Cuz if you wait then nothing happens This song’s for everybody with a goal who’s trying to make it And every single person with a dream who didn’t chase it. [Chorus x 2]
Unbelievable 03:52
[Intro] Bad Man, Bad Man. Ha ha ha. ‘Not Decided’ on the beat. Are you down with Zuby? Let’s go get ’em again. [Verse 1] Bad Man, nobody ever fazed me Get it how you live but you cats are just lazy Uh huh, nobody else made me DIY till I die or they pay me And they say my bars crazy Numbers on the rise like mixed race babies You can’t say they don’t rate me South to the North see the fans that I’m making? Strange accent, American or is he? Didn’t grow up London so don’t sound like Dizzee Name another cat who spits loud this pretty Put up pounds like Fiddy and move round like Diddy Yeah and they say the boy’s witty Very well spoken but I flow gritty Don’t be acting stupid if you see me in your city Just show a little love we can chill, dig me? [Hook] Chyea, chyea, chyea, chyea It’s unbelievable (chyea) It’s unbelievable (chyea) It’s unbelievable (chyeeea!) It’s unbelievable (chyea) It’s unbelievable (chyea) It’s unbelievable (chyeeea!) [Verse 2] Verse two, pay it with the debit Line sounds crisp and you know I gotta get it Huh? but you’ve got no bars Minimal reception, very little credit homes Look, so please just dead it Came to make music, bickering forget it Should be on a track trying to verse it up and edit But you all up in my face like you want a paramedic Look at you, you can’t see me And I’m not you, you can’t be me Make one sale, I see 3 Smart black male, IC3 Tight ass flow, ICV One six pack, no CV Run that back, what you’ll see Is a genius at work, real MC. [Hook]
[Intro] Chyeeea! Ha ha ha ha, you know we had to do it again right? It’s the Return of The Bad Man. I got em. [Verse 1] Yo, it’s nothing new don’t get confused, the flow is unmistakeable apparently it’s hateable but talent’s not debateable/ you back with the blessed yeah you back with the best (yes!)/ it’s The Bad Man, nothing less heck did you expect?/ I’m not known for being modest don’t go complimenting me bro (nah)/ I’ve got a lovely flow I think it complements my ego (ha ha)/ a thousand miles to go and still I’m coming up from below run a hundred miles or so I’m never turning back to zero (never)/ work to stack dinero till I boss it like Pacino never play the mobster role but I can hustle like a hero (chyea)/ maximum libido blows a track like a torpedo I’m exploding on the scene and can’t nobody call a veto (chyeeea!)/ They’re calling me a savage, I’d hate to be the average Zuby’s got the raddest deoxyribonucleic acid (chyeeea!)/ so blame it on genetics physically I’m too athletic lyrically I’m so poetic make em sicker than emetics (eww!) [Hook] Ayo I’m sick call me (Bad Man) Cuz I spit like a (Bad Man) And I move like a (Bad Man) And I’m smooth like a (Bad Man) Y’all don’t like me that’s too (Bad Man) Wanna hate that’s too (Bad Man) Compared to me you just (Bad Man) It ain’t my fault you just (Bad Man) Ayo I’m sick call me (Bad Man) Cuz I spit like a (Bad Man) And I move like a (Bad Man) And I’m smooth like a (Bad Man) [Verse 2] They know my style they love my rhymes it’s like a gift and a curse/ cuz they rewind so many times they know my scripts in reverse (ok)/ so when I try to rap forward, they never sing it back to me I’m going over heads like ‘dope fricking I’m did I what see’ (damn)/ Think I’m not brolic? (woo!) Homes I can’t call it/ but in the booth and gym I’m propping bars like alcoholics (chyeeea!)/ I’m like a hundred grand in cash without a fricking wallet cuz i can’t afford to spend it and I can’t afford to haul it/ if I said that I was average (hmm) I’d be a little liar (ha ha)/ so ask me bout my music and I’ll say I’m spitting fire/ and telling me I’m dope is just like preaching to the choir no I’m not my biggest fan but I would cry if I retired/ and I don’t even drink cuz life is trippy when I’m sober/ sometimes I hate the game but I’ll be in it till it’s over (chyea)/ for now I’m chasing fame so I’ma roam like Motorola till I’ve got a billion fans and bigger brand than Coca-Cola [Hook] [Verse 3] It’s acid that I’m seeping out the fountain of my speaking/ like pyroclastic creeping through the mountain while you’re sleeping try to block me while I’m dreaming and I’ll rock you while your scheming/ leave your doubt in A&E and kill your spite over the weekend (damn)/ to rappers I’m a threat they keep my music in the stash/ hide my CD from your girl I might seduce her with a track (ha ha)/ She listened to my album now she thinks you’re kind of wack (chyea)/ your girl is like virginity she’s never coming back (ooh)/ if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son/ I’ve got 99 problems but a honey isn’t one (nah)/ they come and go like exes I’ve got bigger things to stress/ texting me to beat again and I ain’t even JLS (chyeeea!)/ L’Oreal I’m worth it verse perfected to a T/ no I never said I’m perfect but I’m good at being me/ I’m the dopest demonstrator, oral administrator, microphone detonator dominate like Devastator/ stay stacked ready for action, strapped ready to blast ‘em with a lyrical shotty, point blank blow back your body [Hook] [Outro] Chyeeea! We did it again! The Bad Man is back in full effect. Version 2.0, bigger, better, faster, stronger. Hold tight everybody who’s been supporting me. Are you down with Zuby? Yo I’m out of here man. You can talk all you want I’m just gonna stay in my lane.
[Intro] Mic check one two/ yo I’d like to give a big shout out to everybody who’s been supporting me so far/ u know it’s kind of funny being an upcoming artist in this music game u know, not everybody wants to show u love/ but the crazy thing is u know when the see u on the TV and in the magazines/ it’s gonna be the same ones that ignored u that are running back right? (chyea)/ so check it out yo. [Verse 1] Getting closer to perfection with the tightest flow injection ‘gainst the grain to etch a name and kicking game like David Beckham (yup)/ teach without a lecture what you’re hearing is progress/ speech is for your pleasure so I’m keeping the vox fresh/ mine are special people they say Zuby’s got next cuz I come with special features like your DVD box-set/ say "I’m down with Zuby" taking names to make an army they love my music making waves the flow is like tsunami (chyeeea!)/ a natural disaster but it’s actually mastered how I intercourse with instrumentals sexually faster (woo)/ make love to beats and drumming unprotected breaks are minimal (uh huh)/ so when I say I’m coming understand it might be literal (ha ha!)/ and I’m not pulling out I think I’m seeded in this game and I’m achieving what I aim because I’m needed in this game (chyea)/ some say that I’ll be rich cuz I’m slick with the wit (chyea)/ some say that life’s a bitch but I still wanna hit (ha ha!). [Hook] We all gotta go but who wants to be forgotten? To take it to the top you gotta make it from the bottom You see the ones that’s hating when you pitch in the street But it’s the same ones that claiming when you rich off the beat Cuz they doubt you when you’re going up Doubt you when you’re slowing up Suddenly you’re blowing up Suddenly they’re showing up (I bet the same cats that’s laughing while I’m chasing my dream will be the ones asking for something if I’m major on the scene). [Verse 2] Now you know in my reality my life is what these verses be a young black man fresh out of Oxford University (I did it)/ always a minority I gotta represent (uh huh)/ gotta let u people know we’ve got the knowledge and the strength (chyea)/ I reach across the static with a waiver of authority/ flow is automatic ain’t no hater out there stalling me (no) see I’ma keep moving (yeah)/ you’re gonna keep losing (yeah)/ I go beyond the music these are jewels that I’m diffusing/ cards are dealt at random so complain but u can’t change them man I’ll never really blame them say it took an ace to make him/ claim the kid is faking try to frame him when u name him (what?)/ in truth u need some targets and some lessons on your aiming/ still I flow regardless in the mental I’m the hardest my credentials are the smartest I’m a hip hop artist (chyeeea!)/ so listen to my scripture and conceptualise a whisper/ I’m drawing when I’m talking time to visualise the picture. [Hook] (I bet the same girl that blanks me when I hustle CDs will be the one claiming she loves me when I’m on the TV) [Verse 3] We all gotta hustle (uh)/ we all gotta give (uh)/ we all gotta struggle (uh)/ we all gotta live/ everybody wants to rake it everybody wants to shine/ everybody wants to make it but nobody wants to grind (no)/ see me on the hustle every season for my passion man I strive to make it double that’s the reason for my action (yeah)/ prove the doubters wrong will be the greatest satisfaction (uh huh) when they out and hear my song and and they wanna claim a fraction I don’t care for their reaction (nah)/ don’t know if I’ll be famous/ I know my fans relating cuz they say I’m like the greatest (for real)/ and even music critics want to buy some Zuby stocks (yup!)/ and even indie kids are saying Zuby frickin’ rocks (ha ha)/ Some say I go the harder way to me it’s just the smarter way/ I’ma get em shook when crossing over like I’m Hardaway cuz I’m a big issue (chyea)/ like visions for the homeless don’t procrastinate your life boy I’m living for the moment. [Hook] (I bet the same ones that didn’t wanna give me reviews will be the ones claiming they made me when I’m big in the news) [Hook] And that’s real.


'Are You Down With Zuby?' is a free EP for new Zuby fans! It contains 7 of his best tracks from 2008-2012.


released October 17, 2017

All songs written by Zuby.


all rights reserved



Zuby UK

Zuby is an independent British rapper and creative entrepreneur, known for his authentic, positive lyricism and inspirational message.

He has sold over 25,000 albums independently, performed in 8 countries, and amassed over 800,000 social media followers.

Zuby was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia, and is a graduate of Oxford University.
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