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I’m worried that my life is based on wealth accumulation/ I want money, I want power, I want love and admiration/ yet I’m living with a purpose I can’t reach with usurpation/ what I’m doing on the surface could affect adjudication/ pearly gates are waiting greeting me with jubilation only if I get it straight and all my good is compensation (for what?)/ the sinning I’m committing every day with no cessation I hope Jesus is forgiving cuz I’m needing some salvation/ The world is full of hatred and demonic innovations/ it’s hard to be a saint when all around you is temptation/I’d like to think I’m righteous but with great consideration that’s a biased valuation half my thoughts are depredation/ see cash and think vacation not of charity donation/ see girls and think of sex and how to get it no relation/ I’m only being honest with these trials and tribulations got to face them to erase them there’s no space for fabrication (nah)/ Now what I’m ‘bout to say could be construed as illustration but I mean it from the place that’s known for love and circulation/ I’d rather take a risk and live a life of fluctuation/ than die before lived cause I believed in hesitation/ I’d rather walk alone and live my life in segregation than to walk amongst a crowd controlled by strict subordination/ I’d rather have a little bit of total adoration and be hated by rest than purely witness moderation/ to pave an occupation’s an abrasive operation but to live in corporation’s like creative constipation (ha ha)/ philosophy in basic, it’s not a complication make your dreams begin today and make the maybes obligation/ success is what you’re chasing/ don’t fear acceleration/ you can run before you walk you only fall from hesitation so I’ve never made mistakes (nah)/ I’ve made slight miscalculations and I never lost my way I just switched up my destination (chyea)/ to exist and never live is like platonic procreation/ you’re missing all the fun that’s a moronic inclination/ I’m glowing in the blackout with a chronic dedication and I’m coming to clean the crap out like colonic irrigation/ they say the kid is tight, wanna know the explanation cuz he bottles things inside and has a sick imagination/ to stop me in my tracks once there’s a burst of inspiration is like trying to run so fast you counteract the earth’s rotation (ha ha)/ and that’ll never happen, in life or simulation/ it’s an awkward thing to do like putting off procrastination/ you think that I’m impressive cuz I’m packed with motivation but you’re calling me obsessive cuz you lack the dedication/ a third of what I say is borne of mental stimulation/ a third is exploration all the rest is contemplation/ and every day I’m breathing I believe in this vocation so the less you think of me the more I’ll beat the expectation/ it’s time for celebration, no mental reservation/ it’s my interpretation of my own rejuvenation/ I’m through with preparation/ I’m sick of being patient/ Are you down with Zuby? Don’t think you got my statement said it’s time for celebration/ no mental reservation this is my interpretation of my own rejuvenation/ I’m better than I’ve ever been I’m through with preparation/ Are you down with Zuby? Enjoy the presentation (chyeeea!) Commercial Underground 2.
Chyeeea! Ha ha ha ha, you know we had to do it again right? It’s the Return of The Bad Man. I got em. Yo, it’s nothing new don’t get confused, the flow is unmistakeable apparently it’s hateable but talent’s not debateable/ you back with the blessed yeah you back with the best (yes!)/ it’s The Bad Man, nothing less heck did you expect?/ I’m not known for being modest don’t go complimenting me bro (nah)/ I’ve got a lovely flow I think it complements my ego (ha ha)/ a thousand miles to go and still I’m coming up from below run a hundred miles or so I’m never turning back to zero (never)/ work to stack dinero till I boss it like Pacino never play the mobster role but I can hustle like a hero (chyea)/ maximum libido blows a track like a torpedo I’m exploding on the scene and can’t nobody call a veto (chyeeea!)/ They’re calling me a savage, I’d hate to be the average Zuby’s got the raddest deoxyribonucleic acid (chyeeea!)/ so blame it on genetics physically I’m too athletic lyrically I’m so poetic make em sicker than emetics (eww!) CHORUS Ayo I’m sick call me (Bad Man) Cuz I spit like a (Bad Man) And I move like a (Bad Man) And I’m smooth like a (Bad Man) Y’all don’t like me that’s too (Bad Man) Wanna hate that’s too (Bad Man) Compared to me you just (Bad Man) It ain’t my fault you just (Bad Man) Ayo I’m sick call me (Bad Man) Cuz I spit like a (Bad Man) And I move like a (Bad Man) And I’m smooth like a (Bad Man) Are you down with Zuby? Let’s go get em again. They know my style they love my rhymes it’s like a gift and a curse/ cuz they rewind so many times they know my scripts in reverse (ok)/ so when I try to rap forward, they never sing it back to me I’m going over heads like ‘dope fricking I’m did I what see’ (damn)/ Think I’m not brolic? (woo!) Homes I can’t call it/ but in the booth and gym I’m propping bars like alcoholics (chyeeea!)/ I’m like a hundred grand in cash without a fricking wallet cuz i can’t afford to spend it and I can’t afford to haul it/ if I said that I was average (hmm) I’d be a little liar (ha ha)/ so ask me bout my music and I’ll say I’m spitting fire/ and telling me I’m dope is just like preaching to the choir no I’m not my biggest fan but I would cry if I retired/ and I don’t even drink cuz life is trippy when I’m sober/ sometimes I hate the game but I’ll be in it till it’s over (chyea)/ for now I’m chasing fame so I’ma roam like Motorola till I’ve got a billion fans and bigger brand than Coca-Cola CHORUS Go hard or go home. It’s acid that I’m seeping out the fountain of my speaking/ like pyroclastic creeping through the mountain while you’re sleeping try to block me while I’m dreaming and I’ll rock you while your scheming/ leave your doubt in A&E and kill your spite over the weekend (damn)/ to rappers I’m a threat they keep my music in the stash/ hide my CD from your girl I might seduce her with a track (ha ha)/ She listened to my album now she thinks you’re kind of wack (chyea)/ your girl is like virginity she’s never coming back (ooh)/ if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son/ I’ve got 99 problems but a honey isn’t one (nah)/ they come and go like exes I’ve got bigger things to stress/ texting me to beat again and I ain’t even JLS (chyeeea!)/ L’Oreal I’m worth it verse perfected to a T/ no I never said I’m perfect but I’m good at being me/ I’m the dopest demonstrator, oral administrator, microphone detonator dominate like Devastator/ stay stacked ready for action, strapped ready to blast ‘em with a lyrical shotty, point blank blow back your body CHORUS Chyeeea! We did it again! The Bad Man is back in full effect. Version 2.0, bigger, better, faster, stronger. Hold tight everybody who’s been supporting me. Are you down with Zuby? Yo I’m out of here man. You can talk all you want I’m just gonna stay in my lane.
CHORUS (Marka) They won’t forget about me Cuz I’ma keep fighting pushing the toughest I won’t believe I’m out here just for nothing and if it is then I’ll be I’ma be doing just what I does These haters hate and I let em just because So I’ma stay in my lane keep on playing my game And I won’t stop until I hear that announcer So I’ma stay in my lane and keep on playing my game And I won’t stop until I hear that announcer saying my name I’m ready. I got em. Can’t stop time go getters we grind/ got to get mine do better than try/ aim so high jet setter we fly/ flow fine wine gets better with time/ high in sky like the birds I defy got my feet on the ground and my head to the sky/ and I speak never shy all the creeps want to vie you don’t get no reply if you speak about I cuz/ I’m all about the timing, Nina I’m feeling good/ singing like Jesse Johnson, I’m so misunderstood/ they said I shouldn’t rap (why not?)/ they said I wasn’t hood (ok)/ they said I’m too well spoken (word?)/ they said that wasn’t good/ You know my flow though baby, I’m bout to freak it now/ no taking photos baby, don’t turn those speakers down/ cuz Zuby’s on a mission how I worked no recognition for so many years and still they try to desecrate my vision/ they try to break me down/ they want to hate me now/ you wished me all the worst so don’t congratulate me now/ I came from underground so if I make it to the surface, can’t say I don’t deserve it. CHORUS Growing up fast but I ain’t gon’ change/ trying to get past but I won’t switch lanes/ came in the game with an aim for the fame and my name never changed still rain on the game/ I told you cats already that I’m trying to make this paper work/ had to sign myself cuz y’all took too long with the paperwork/ I don’t know why labels try to play me like Nintendo g/ when they know my game is famous sort of like Nintendo be/ and I’m like Nintendo Wii, ladies like to play with me/ they sit me in their room and don’t delete me from their memory/ You know my aim though baby, I’m trying to take it now/ this game is oh so crazy, I’m trying to make it now/ it’s proper flow precision till I reach that pole position where the people see me and they know that I’m a dope musician/ I paint a perfect picture, I’m emulating scenes/ I never sleep I’m up all night to recreate my dreams/ Know God is with me and he’s watching when I’m feeling nervous, that means I’ve got a purpose (chyeeea!). CHORUS x2 Chyeeea! Are you down with Zuby?
It was a musical affair she was standing in the crowd/ with a flower in her hair nothing grand and nothing loud/ she didn’t move, didn’t laugh, didn’t nod, didn’t dance, didn’t really smile but I could tell she was entranced/ stare was penetrating it was more than just a glance/ when they finished the ovation she was waiting in advance/ caught me as I’m leaving told me she’s my biggest fan/ asked if we could take a flick and that’s how it all began/ I could have hit surely if I tried to get right/ but I jetted off early got a show the next night/ new city bright lights and I’m feeling like a star/ to you I might be nothing but they all know who I are/ couple hundred messages flashing in my email/ half of them are relevant half of them are female/ one of them is titled ‘baby you remember me?’/ with an ‘x’ after the ‘me’ from a girl named Billie Jean. CHORUS Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah) She’s a girl who love my music like no other (uh huh) Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah) She’s a girl who wants me in between her covers (uh huh) Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah) She’s a girl who love my music like no other (uh huh) Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah) She’s a girl who’s got obsessions with a brother I opened and clicked first thing I said ‘damn!’/ long letter, two pics, girl’s bigger than a fan/ every sentence paying homage what I do and who I am/ told me all her friends and college think I’m cute and I’m the man/ thinks I’m f’ing fine and we should be together maybe if the stars aligned she would be with me forever/ cuz I’m sexy and I’m awesome and I’m handsome and I’m clever and her passion for my music wait, it can’t be measured/ wants to be my girl potentially my future wifey doesn’t mind the title but she really really likes me/ doesn’t even know me so I’m thinking it ain’t likely maybe she’s playing as a joke I’ll take it lightly/ waiting in the front row every time I visit/ calling up my phone don’t know how she got the digits/ and every text she’s sending me is getting more explicit/ now she’s telling all her friends we’re in love and she’s my missus (what?). CHORUS She hit me up on Facebook, hit me up on YouTube, hit me up on Twitter, hit me up on email/ calls me when I’m at work, calls me when I’m at home, calls me when I’m on road, leaving all her details/ told me that she likes me, told me that she loves me, told me that she needs me, told me I’m her hero/ Zuby on her desktop, Zuby on her iPod, Zuby on her BB, Zuby on her Tivo. Damn/ she only knows that I’m a flow-er but her mind is so vivid seeing love when I don’t know her/ think of when I met her the encounter unimpressive didn’t know that she would turn out to be greater than obsessive/ overly suggestive, practically aggressive/ v. attractive girl but her attention is excessive/ messages she’s leaving make my girl think that I’m beating and I said she’s not my girl, but she still thinks that I’m cheating. CHORUS Chyeeea! Are you down with Zuby? Rest in peace to the King Of Pop.
Comin' At Ya 04:15
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to issue you with this official warning that something wicked is coming your way. It’s been a long time coming. It’s been a lot of love, there’s been a lot hate. But what we really need to know is are you down with Zuby? CHORUS Comin’ at ya (scratching) rhyme style disaster Comin’ at ya at-at-at ya (scratching) Taoist master Comin’ at ya Comin’ at ya (scratching) rhyme style disaster Comin’ at ya at-at-at ya (scratching) Taoist master Comin’ at ya Are you down with Zuby? I want a billion fans so I need a million first/ I’ma gain another thou just off the sickness of this verse/ even when I’m smiling sweetly look at Zuby as a threat or you’ll get owned before you see me like a noob in FPS (chyeeea!)/ no button combination lets you cheat the game of life/ rappers looking in my pad they think I’m cheating on the mic (nah)/ but this girl’s my one and only and she never leaves me lonely when I want to beat it down she’s always waiting to bestow me (come here)/ spread the love like bigamy so passionate with metrics (uh huh)/ bars cannot belittle me your style is anorexic/ that means you think you’re big I hear you talking all aggressive but you bark and never bite and so your mark is unimpressive/ My vision’s not a dream I’m motivated to achieve it (chyea)/ you wanted food for thought and I’m providing it so eat it (chyea)/ I wrote this in my sleep I mean it no exaggeration even scheming when I’m dreaming I don’t waste imagination. CHORUS Show love when I come through I get respect cuz I’m illy (what’s up?)/ and the ladies love me too like they love Sex and the City/ they say I’m blessed and I’m silly but don’t object cuz I’m pretty and always say I’m kind of cocky but they know I’m kind of witty (ha ha)/ you know in my committee it’s just me, myself and I/ three of my favourite rappers and a little book of rhymes/ I’ve got a lot of hustle but ain’t got a lot of time, money’s got a lot of muscle so it’s all about the grind (grind)/ take a different policy I’ll turn and pen a prophecy my brilliance is vivid but it’s rivalled by my modesty/ honestly I think that I’m the hottest walking property but realised as a teen that there’s no dream guarantee (no)/ so awkwardly I started on my music hustle properly and still I had the brains to get an Oxford degree (yezzir)/ so think before you talk to me you’re tripping if you walk to me I’m moving twice as fast like rolling doubles in Monopoly. CHORUS They’re colder than December when they see you at the bottom/ I’m living through my music when I die won’t be forgotten I don’t praise the mighty dollar (nah)/ and heard that fame is stressful I don’t need to be a baller I just want to be successful (yeah)/ hard to stand out from the crowd but there’s a possibility/ I could rise above the clouds beyond the probability/ can I do it all and keep my soul and credibility or do I have to sell it all to buy acceptability?/ Consciousness is killing me/ God given ability to entertain a crowd f’s with my mental volatility/ lot of people see me but despite the visibility for ones who truly know me I’ve got slim availability/ you can always call, and smile when you don’t reach me/ it means I’m on my grind so you can see me on the TV (chyea)/ and I’ma call you back soon as the beat has finished knocking but I’m up and out the door when opportunity is knocking (chyeeea!). CHORUS (x2) We comin’ at ya. We got Zuby in the building, The Bad Man. Anno Domini on the beat comin’ at ya. Big up Leen on the intro man. C.O.M. Entertainment, two thousand and what to infinity. We won’t stop. I’m gone, one.
Chilll! 03:44
Chyea, Bad Man! I stay ill. I maintain. I stay real. Bad Man I’m about to get ill yo (chilllll!) Yo, yo Zuby’s smooth, Zuby’s cool, Zuby’s fricking back at it/ Zuby’s proved Zuby rules, Zuby’s so charismatic (ha ha!)/ I’m sick I never lie I’m sort of like a rap addict/ I make moves and multiply I’m sort of like a jackrabbit (oh)/ so if you think I’m wack it’s evident that you don’t know jack/ even deaf cats are saying Zuby’s got dope tracks/ and coasting is a no no (no) heat will keep them bumping me/ rolling on the solo so I stay in decent company (chyea)/ and people keep on pumping me, equally it’s fun to me/ pushing for a cuddle but the beat is making love to me (woo!)/ cruising on the double keep it moving like a shuttle/ you can run your little bars you can’t see me with the Hubble (nah)/ I’m daily trying to dominate like ‘Pinky and the Brain’/ but the ignorant predominate the thinking in this game/ think I’m in a different genus check the sections of my brain, one of them will prove a genius but the other is insane (chyeeea!). CHORUS You know I got game and you know I stay ill (ill) You know I maintain and you know I stay real (real) You’re mad cuz you’re lame and you know I got skills so chilllll! (just chilllll!) Cuz I wanna see sights and I wanna see bills (bills) I wanna be right when I say I’ll see mils (mils) Don’t wanna see spite I just wanna see deals so chilllll! (just chilllll!) Check it, yo! They call me Bad Man I bust flows and dust all suckers I don’t cuss no, but you can sick my duck fothermucker (ha ha!)/ cuz you people want to talk like you know about the ‘Z’ about the ‘U’ about the ‘B’ what you know about me?/ you can sit there on the internet and tap away all day/ behind a screen name but give me dap in the hallway/ mean it from the heart? You can say it to my face/ you’ve got a head start I’m ‘bout to beat you in the human race (chyeeea!)/ lead converts to bars I’m getting better every hit/ A to Z of future stars catch me at letter twenty-six (that’s me!)/ I only know the present but I feel a premonition/ succeeding in this mission with my verbal composition/ no time for superstition catch me running under ladders, spilling salt and breaking glasses while I’m making a toast (uh uh)/ cuz nothing shatters visions so it doesn’t really matter if I break a couple mirrors while I’m making this boast... CHORUS Yo I’m just trying to be a millionaire man, ha ha, check it. I tried to ask the people and then I phoned a friend/ so now it’s 50/50 and I’ve got to apprehend/ how can I be a millionaire without placing a bet and giving everything I’ve got to verses racing through my head?/ they come to me sporadical my thinking semi-radical combine them with the music the result is semi-radical (oh yeah!)/ flow never mechanical actually I’m like an animal/ eat hip hop for breakfast spit the wackness out like Hannibal/ I’ll give my two cents on anybody trying to rattle me and tie up loose ends like the rabbit-hole analogy/ don’t want to be a faker (what?)/ you cats are life haters, the type that cuss your mothers out and fart in elevators (ha ha!)/ me I never stutter keep it simple bread and butter don’t compare to no other cuz I’m Zuby not another (chyeeea!)/ till I reach the heaven phase I’m going to teach like 7th grade, Zuby’s staying strong for years you cats are weak [week] like seven days (woo!) CHORUS (chyeeea!) It’s the Bad Man (chyeeea!), it’s the Bad Man (chyeeea!) It’s the Bad Man (chyeeea!), it’s the Bad Man (chyeeea!) It’s the Bad Man (chyeeea!), it’s the Bad Man, so chilllll! (ha ha ha) Homie chilllll!
(Zuby) Yo It’s been a lot of talk since I came in the game, is he real is he fake can he hang with the claim can he really draw rein?/ or is he just vain with the big talk line shootin’ phrase he proclaims/ hmmm... let me think about that/ I think I’m the best what you think about that?/ my parables comparable to facelifts on replay tighter each time with the verse like a screenplay/ and I got heat, check with the DJ/ gimme any beat and I’ma ride like the freeway lyrical elite no track with the leeway / rhymes so dope, should be selling em on ebay/ on ebay dope fo shee-zay rhyme so hard but I flow so eas-ay/ look so good better check your bree-zay/ Shaodow let’s wreck this relay. (Mr. ShaoDow) They say I'm... Too posh to rap, I don't hop to that, get lost like the smoke monsters back... Drop the facts, squash your track, ruining your drive like 12 shots of jack, a bredder better move, tell a fella that we make hits like a bruise, ever ready for the pressure at the front of the line like p to the queues, it's hard to avoid it, when they see what's cooking they try foil it, but you can't be looking cos we boil it, i don't take the piss blud I take the toilet, its standard procedure, you make that one hit we'll make the keepers ... the only pop you hear's from your speaker, YBP not a clone I'm a leader. CHORUS Maaan, we don’t care about you haters we come through like navigators we just do it for the faaaans/ we the dopest demonstrators lyrical administrators so we always in demaaaand/ you might see us in the paper you might hear it from your neighbour I don’t really give a daaaaamn/ just accept our style is greater you can think it now or later but one day you will understaaaaand (Zuby) We the dynamic duo, Robin and a Batman rap don’t work then I’m robbing with a bat man/ jeans hang low like a running with a gat fam gotta dough cuz I’m hungrier than Pac Man/ but I don’t eat fruit/ I eat MCs so I might eat you/ so when I come through better make some tunes or make some room I’ll displace you/ so much noise that you can’t talk, I’m so damn fly that you can’t gawk/ it’s no lie that this boy grinds I’m so far gone that you can’t walk/ stay on point no humane fault/ drop more bombs than Hussein’s vault/ can’t deny that they love I cuz I run tracks like Usain Bolt. Gone. (Mr. Shaodow) Back again from the Shaolin mountain, flow like a fountain drowning any MC that is doubting, hounding the mark my sound is surrounding, shao's in an art that's crowded I'm shouting, get a pen start crafting, grafting, never a half ting soon you'll be laughing, clevely mastering, fools will stay asking, heavily masking wounds they ain't last-ing, believe that it's draining no point sitting around and complaining, no point wishing for pounds and not claiming, no point hitting the tracks but not training, get crushed like a smoothie, you make the short film we'll make the movie, real music that's the aim and the duty, ShaoDow, Zuby spit like an Uzi. CHORUS
Down 03:36
CHORUS Down, down, down, down/ down, down, down, down I keep my grind on to stack neat, time’s on the back seat/ float like a butterfly and sting like a vaccine the black sheep, anomaly, non-grata to the rap scene/ verse is steady cocked already locked receiver smoking don’t put Zuby in a box unless you’re gonna leave it open/ I’m not a conscious rapper I’m a rapper with a conscience, be conscious of the fact you can’t compare to the nonsense/ not a gangster neither I don’t even own a heater, give me a single shot I’ll turn the critics to believers/ no bling but if I rock it then it’s happening to shine, I don’t sing I’m only talking and it’s happening to rhyme/ I don’t think about effects I say whatever’s on my mind, so I never have regrets this is a picture of the time/ a depiction of the time rendered by vision not design you can call it what you want cuz your description’s good as mine/ no encryption in my lines so my inscription is sublime I paint a picture like Picasso when I’m picturing my lines/ and I’m picturing my time and I see Zuby in the limelight a step away from where I am is Zuby in his prime/ so you never bring me... CHORUS I keep my rhymes on a phat beat, grind’s on the back seat/ mind’s on a marathon it’s running like an athlete so every time I rhyme they’re like ‘damn Zuby, that’s heat!’/ asking me to sign and people coming through to dap me everybody backs me and people always ask me/ ‘think you’re gonna make it are you really gonna blow? But if you really want to make it ain’t it really who you know?’/ I’m like, what I’m supposed to make you seen the people at the show? Plus I did this on my j’s so no, Zuby doesn’t blow (no)/ and everybody knows it but some cats don’t want to say it so they’re steadily abstaining talking about I’m overrated/ they must be confused so I wouldn’t say they’re hating they’re just using an excuse I know you people love complaining/ about I’m not original or how I’m apolitical you guys are fricking miserable stop being hypercritical/ spark a true terror with the lead I’ll commit it, Zuby marks a new era over heads like a fitted/ and I’m known to be wicked (chyea), so you critics can kiss it, I barely see my opposition like I’m boxing a midget (chyeeea!)/ so you never see me… CHORUS I gotta rhyme to attract heat, shine’s on the back seat/ flow till I retire till that day I’m aiming higher got the masses to inspire seen the flashes need the fire/ I used to be so quiet as a kid my mouth was shyer now I’m grown I make it known shoot it in public like I’m Dwyer/ I feel it then I say it I conceive then I lay it I believe it when I spray it to achieve and say I made it/ so if you hear me say it best believe that what was stated was my feeling at the time whether it’s moody or elated/ I’m a normal dude (yup) but everybody else is mental cuz we’re living in a world where everybody is judgmental/ cuz if you’re that guy then people think that they’re above you, but if you’re THAT GUY then all the people want to love you/ so get money just don’t waste money showing me you got money (no) and don’t take Zuby for a dummy (ha ha)/ I’m smarter than you’ll ever be and harder than you’ll ever be so mentally or physically ain’t capable of harming me/ lyrically, spiritually, even hypothetically, to know me is to love me if you don’t then just let it be/ that way I’m never… CHORUS Uh huh, chyeeea! Send a little message to all my people out there, everyday people are going to be trying to bring you down. Don’t let it happen. You’re just living your life never see you with a frown every time you’re moving up people want to bring you down, ha ha.
Thank You 03:39


'Commercial Underground 2' is Zuby's third full-length album. Inspired by the mind-state and hunger of his first album 'Commercial Underground', this is his most lyrical, personal and polished work to date. Features the singles 'Comin' At Ya' and 'Stay In My Lane'.


released October 14, 2011

All songs written by Nzube Udezue and featured artists.
All songs recorded and mixed by Leen at NLT Studios with the exception of tracks 10 and 12, recorded and mixed by Chris Fulton.
Mastered by Ty Degroff at The Final Sound
Artwork by Uber Studios


all rights reserved



Zuby UK

Zuby is an independent British rapper and creative entrepreneur, known for his authentic, positive lyricism and inspirational message.

He has sold over 25,000 albums independently, performed in 8 countries, and amassed over 800,000 social media followers.

Zuby was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia, and is a graduate of Oxford University.
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